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Zeta MM7 style -request-

Zeta MM7 style -request-

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Welcome to Game-over sprite showcase...Thing.

Well...It's a sprite showcase (I guess), I can't make a comic because I don't speak english and all translators suck, I am a noob on sprite things but I thing I can learn how to become a better spriter and help people.

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give up of spriting

Posted by Game-over
September 12th, 2011, 5:09 am
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I give up of spriting since an virus enter inside my computer and I have to format with not take all my files,photos and my sprites.Because I must have tens of sprites in W.I.P or one sheet almost finished and it's all gone.I won't make everything again but thanks for the fav of everyone and the watchs,I thinking in take requests but maybe this will be just the end.

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